Meet The Dolls

Here you can meet all 8 of my dolls.

McKenna Marie


Favorite color: Purple

Favorite animal: Dolphins

Birthday: December 25

Personality: Outgoing and fun

                  Nellie Grace


Favorite color: Blue

Favorite animal: Birds

Birthday: January 15

Personality:  Sweet and innocence.

Josefina Faith 


Favorite color: Gray and white

Favorite animal: Rabbit

Birthday: August 11

Personality: Quiet

    Kit Margaret 


Favorite color: Yellow

Favorite animal: Snakes

Birthday: August 11-twins with Josefina

Personality: Adventureous

Katie Ann


Favorite color: Green

Favorite animal: Deer

Birthday: December 25

Personality: Fun and calm

          Isabelle Reese

Screenshot_2015-12-25-09-28-26~2                        Favorite color: Pink  Sparkling pink!

Favorite animal: Flamingos! Because they are pink!

Birthday: January 1

Personality: Very girly and a drama queen!

                                   Summer Chloe

KODAK Digital Still Camera


Favorite color: Silver and purple

Favorite animal: Zebras

Birthday: June 10

Personality: Very sweet and funny

                                               Lia Jazmine


Favorite color: Tan and yellow

Favorite animal: Red tree frog

Birthday: January 1

Personality: Outdoorsy and loves animals


I hope you enjoyed!!! This took along time to make this! Thanks!



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