How Many Follwers? And A Suprise?

Am I seeing right?

30 follwers?!

All I can say is thank you all so much. You are the reason why I blog! I never thought I could get this far in the blogging world. I know 30 followers may not see like a lot to you, but to me it seems like a million! Thanks so much, guys.

As for the suprise, It will be one where you don’t have to give away your address. I did this because I know some of my supporters mat not be able to give away their address. Anyone can enter.

I am not really giving away a lot. It will be simple. I will be doing a big one for my one year blogging anniversary.

Do you want to see what you could win?

-1st place-

  • A guest post on my blog
  • A button for your blog
  • A post requested by you on my blog
  • A follow on your blog If I am not already

-2nd place-

  • A button for your blog
  • A follow if I am not already

As for the rules to enter:

  • You need permission to enter
  • You must enter by the 20th on Wednesday
  • Should be following, but you don’t have to

You can get extra entries by posting about this little giveaway on your blog.

Good luck to those who enter!



39 thoughts on “How Many Follwers? And A Suprise?

  1. I’m thinking about getting a blog, but I most definitely will not get it until at least June. πŸ˜•
    But, if it does happen, then I would love to go ahead and enter now!


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