The Wonderful World Of Izzy ~ A Photoshoot~

Hello Everyone! Long time, no see. I am very busy, but promise to be better! I am very sorry. In store for you is a photoshoot. Can you guess who? You probably already did by the title. Isabelle! It is pretty sunny and I felt like I needed to do something with my dolls. Well,we should get on with the pictures!

20160229_171057I really like this one! I really like the angle and the background is lovely. :)

This is probably one of my favorites. I just love the way it looks! The background is lovely. 🙂


The angle is unique on this one.



Ooah!! I really like this one! The show overlapping is just ahh… Words cannot describe them.




I just adore this one! I really don’t know why, but it is growing on me.




These last two photos are edited. I really enjoy them! I usually don’t edit pictures, but…

2016-02-29 17.32.23

Okay, can I just say LOVE IT!

2016-02-29 17.30.23

Awh, the good old vintage style.



So that is the end of this post. I really hope I didn’t bore you that much 😉 Thanks for reading!






5 thoughts on “The Wonderful World Of Izzy ~ A Photoshoot~

  1. Great job on this photoshoot! 😀 I like the fourth and fifth one! 😀
    Do you have 20 followers yet? Oh, if wordpress says I just now followed you, it’s because I accidentally clicked unfollow but then I clicked it again so now I’m following you. Phew! 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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