Lea Clark Doll Review

Mornin’ everyone. Or afternoon. I decided to do a review of my newest doll, Lea Clark!


Here she is overall. She comes with A dress, undies, shoes, a messenger bag, and a compass necklace. She is very pretty. She comes with hazel eyes never seen before. She has a darker tone of skin. Her story takes place in Brazil.


Here is a picture of those pretty eyes up close!


Here is the pattern of the dress up close. It is very bright and fun dress. Let’s just hope see doesn’t wear this when she is playing hide and seek. ☺


Here is the compass necklace. It moves and is realistic. It adds a nice touch to her.


I really like the bag! It holds lots of dolly stuff and would be good for the dolls going to school.


HER HAIR! Ugh! It is so pretty and awesome. It curls so nice and is pretty easy to maintain. Although, her hair on the left side does not curl up as good. Anyone else have those problems?


This is that back of her hair. It has blonde highlights in it all over.


Dollie hands!Her hands are still made of the same vinyl. Aren’t these so cute?


Her shoe remind me of candy canes. Still, they are nice to have if you are going on a beach vacation.


Now for the undies. They are green but they look yellow in this picture.

Overall, she is a great doll! I would totally recommend her to you guys! For the price of 120.00, she is worth every penny! The only downside is that she has no neck ties 😦



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