A Time On Stage

Hey everybody! Today I want to show you a cool paper…er…cardboard dolls with a foldable stage. It comes with sticker outfits and some cut out dolls.1454798859733-2005713222.jpg

Here it is not opened yet. Like I said, it all folds up in one.


Here it is opened and ready to go!


Here are the different outfits you can put on the dolls. They are really cute and look like the real outfits for American girl dolls.


There are six different dolls to dress-up. Sorry about my finger in the corner.



Here she is! GO KIT, GO GO GO KIT!! Ahem…yes I will stop ranting. She looks SO pretty! The stickers can be re-used which I really like.

Thanks for reading! I rate this a 5 out of 5 because is is really fun And is simple to use.



Whatcha thinking?

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