Winter Beauties

How have you all been doing? Most of our snow has melted, but more is coming. On Sunday I took pictures of all my dolls with a group shot, too. Anyway, I thought it would be fun if I updated their profilemail pictures. What do you think about that? I hope you enjoy the photos that I took while I was freezing outside. πŸ˜‚20160124_14514320160124_14483720160124_13301520160124_132637



2016-01-24 13.22.0920160124_164100

I really love Kit’s picture! What one was your favotite?



6 thoughts on “Winter Beauties

  1. Hi Nicole, I love your blog! You did a great job with the snow pics. I also think the Kit pic is the best. I love Kit and think she is very photogenic. I just did a post on my blog about Kit, and how pretty her hair is. You should check it out
    Maybe we could follow each other? -Kara-


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