Infinity Dream Awards!

Hello guys!  I got nominated to do the Infinity Dream awards by Loren because I have siblings! Here we go….


Thank the blogger that nominated you (Thanks Loren!)

Tell us 11 facts about yourself

Answer the questions that the blogger asked you

Nominate 11 more people to do this award

Have FUN!!!

Let’s get started!

11 Facts About ME

I am shy around people that I don’t know

I am really loud around my family

I HATE nails on a chalkboard

I love little kids

I am super small

I am very independent which is weird when you have a ton of siblings, right? Anyone?! Nope….just me….

I can bake a lot of meals by myself

I love the channels Brooklyn and Bailey and the channel Bratayley

I love fuzzy blankets (where did that come from?)

I can’t keep secrets very well…..I always have to tell people right away what I bought them a present

I am really smart in school

Did you learn more about me?

The questions are…..

1.Pens or pencils?

Pens, all the way! It Is easy to write with and you never have to worry about sharpening it……until the ink runs out. 😢

2.What is the first word I think of when I see x?

A smiley face! *crickets chirping* You know, because of the XD? No….just me…again…*sighs*

3. What color is my room?

Baby blue! It is very pretty and easy to fall asleep to!

4. Do I play any sports?

I play basketball, soccer, track,  gymnastics, and dance. What? You don’t think dance and gymnastics is a sport?

Thanks a lot, Loren!  This award was VERY fun to do!

I nominate…..

All of my followers!!! You are the reason why I blog!  Thanks so much!! I hope you all have a wonderful tame doing this award!  Also, the reason why I didn’t nominate anyone specifically is because I have no idea who has this award already, they don’t want to do it, etc. If anyone else wants to do this award, you are welcome to do it! Also, if you want the picture for the award, it will be at the bottom. Have a wonderful day/night where ever you are! Sorry this post is so long!

Also, I have a new photo series coming up! I can’t wait for it or come out! Yay! I hope you are excited! It will be up on the 29th.







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