Merry Christmas+ haul!


Hello everyone!! It is finally Christmas! I wanted to show you a haul of what I got. I am NOT trying to brag at all and please don’t think I am spoiled! Thanks! Let us get started now……

First thing I got were crafty make your own wallets and lip balm!


The next things I got were a movie, book, an a flexible book light!  I love staying up at night and reading, so this gift was PERFECT!! Sorry that the pic was sideways!!


Then I got dance and gymnastic shorts, retractable earbuds, and a paper decorated “N”.1451052454916

Next I got a card with $30 in it. I LOVE the front of the card….so pretty!!


In my stocking, I got candy, brushes, and jewelry!


Lastly,  I got trampoline stakes because I got……A TRAMPOLINE!!!!! Yay!! I am super excited!


My sister is taking me to the mall to pick out something because she has NO idea what I like! Lol😂

I hope you guys enjoyed!! Tell me in the comments what your favorite thing was that you got!! I hope you all have a very merry day and stay safe in all that snow!!😉 Just kidding……we don’t have snow. Bye!!



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