Writing Prompt

I am using the photo with the girl climbing over the fence. Here it goes……

I was sitting on the bench, looking at the waste of land. “How could they?” I whispered to myself silently. I knew I had to put I stop to this. I knew the owner,  Mr.Brookens, my enemy’s dad. We were best friends in second grade until her dad became a builder. He made a ton of money because he was the head builder. Ever since she won the science fair because her dad did the whole project for her, we never talked since. Ever. I glanced over to where the factory was. I saw her standing there looking like she was bossing workers around. I knew this totally was getting out of hand. I decided to do it. Climb over the fence. 1…2…3… ouch! I put my mittens on to help protect my hands. I was on a mission. I finally got to the top. No turning back now. I had to be the spunky, outgoing girl I used to be. 5 steps on the private property and I was a chicken. A total chicken. I couldn’t do it. What would be my discipline. “Oh well.” I thought to myself. I walked up. I saw Allison standing there speechless. She dropped her book when I got there. “What are you doing here?”  She asked. ” I came to get justice, that is why I came here.” I said a little bit more confidently. She gave me a nasty look. Her dad was on the phone. I walked right up to him. “Can I help you, little girl?” I ran back. I was screwed………


I hope you enjoyed!☺


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