Happy Saint Nick’s Day+ new button!

Happy Saint Nick’s Day everyone! I will give you a haul of all I got. I  am NOT trying to brag at all. I thought it would be fun showing you. Let’s get started now!

First thing I got was Reese pieces in a candy cane! I ate them all😂1449430978489.jpg

Next thing I got was a necklace! I love it so much! It says Saint Nicole Pray For Us!1449431096799

I hope you enjoyed!  What did you get for Saint Nick’s Day?



4 thoughts on “Happy Saint Nick’s Day+ new button!

    • Yes! Thanks for asking! I have been super sick for the last 5 days. I have had a fever with step throat. I am so sorry I have not been posting! I will be posting the new prompt! Again, I am so sorry!

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